In summer

May 26, 2014


Yeah, that was a Frozen reference - all you parents will get that. It's true, summer is "unofficially" here. I no longer need to spend ten minutes layering my children up in warm clothes. Now it's ten minutes of applying sun block. That's a win!

Summer is a busy time for us. The end of the school year brings a new schedule. This year Lillyana will go to several different camps and therefor be initiated into several different gangs. I hope I have the right colors for all of them.

We will double the amount of baths because sand gets in some very peculiar places and the scent of bug spray makes me cringe. There will be the one occasion that I do just turn on the water outside and hose down my child. The neighbors are shocked and we all just laugh. Its summer!

We will camp and go to many cookouts. We will eat our weight in popsicles and ice cream. Marshmellows may or may not be served for dinner with a side of chocolate and graham crackers. We will hit the beach and yell at the seagulls as they try to steal Doritos from our hands.

It's summer and we will spend it as a family...enjoying each others company and seeing who can eat the most hot dogs in one sitting. In the mean time we hope you and your family enjoy this unofficial kick off to summer. May the bugs be few and the watermelon seeds be even fewer!

- Vanessa

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