The office supply closet

May 05, 2014


Happy Monday everyone!

Last week was a test. A big one. I brought my 3.5 year old to work.

I am lucky to be allowed to bring my child to work for half a day – if not a full eight hours. Yes! Things can get accomplished and I can keep my PTO time for a moment someone is actually sick! Here are a few things you can find in your office supply closet that entertain your kids when you need to bring them to work.

  • Paper, pencils and scissors. I call these the big three. Draw. Cut. Reiterate that you cut paper not your hair with the scissors – I always find this a good refresher for kids. Make hats. Make stars. Do origami. These three things will buy you at least 90 minutes of silence. Bonus if you can print out games and projects from websites.
  • Binder clips. These are of course great for compiling documents into large piles to give to important people but you know what else they are great for? Blanket forts! Yes. Binder clips – the larger the better – can secure the flimsiest sheet or scarf to any vertical surface for a fun hiding place. If you’re a rebel like me you will keep it up after the kids leave and play “You can’t find me!” when your boss needs something. Oh and yes, I do keep an old flat bed sheet in my office for this reason.
  • Water cooler cup. I know super enviormentally incorrect. We should all be using mugs and water bottles that say “I heart the planet”. Well, we don’t. These cups can become bowling pins in the hallway. How about stacking them and then flinging a pencil to knock them down. If you have the cone shaped ones at your office consider yourself super lucky and get ready to color trees, gnomes and little teepees.
  • Rubber bands. Make a bracelet by looping them together. Find any empty tube and make a guitar. Fling them at people as they walk by your office door.
  • Empty boxes. Oh, how I worship the empty box. All sizes welcome here. Make a car. Make a boat. Make a spaceship. There is nothing that can’t be made with a plain old box.

There you have it. Five things to use from the office supply closet to keep the kids entertained while you do work or hang in the blanket fort!

- Vanessa

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