Gearing up for sports

April 29, 2014


We’ve done it. This year we have signed L up for her first sport. Yikes.

After she heard friends were signing up for softball she begged to join as well. It is hard for us as working parents to be able to commit to do something like this. When you don’t get out of work until 5 and need to pick up to kids, feed them dinner, get them changed and head out the door to be somewhere by 6, it can be difficult. Let’s just say – we eat a lot of cereal on these days and someone is usually missing a shoe.

L has only been in Girl Scouts so far. She loves it and we love the cookies – a win / win for everyone.  Venturing into softball, with no prior sports experience plus half of her genetics being from a very un-athletic mommy, will be interesting.  We are looking forward to seeing her out there and of course cheering the team on each week. I imagine getting to the first few practices and praying that her 3 year old brother does not wander onto the field will be interesting. That is of course assuming we make it on time….

I’ll keep you posted.


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