Layered up and ready to travel

February 28, 2013


A recent blog post by Une Femme d’Un Certain Age got me thinking about my love/hate relationship with packing for long weekend getaways. While Une Femme’s blog post addresses the planning and packing (and excitement!) for a 2 week trip I find it more challenging to pack for a long weekend!

Over the next two months I have 3 different, long weekend getaways planned. All are restricted to travel within the US because, let’s be honest, who wants to fly to Paris for 3 days. Working with a bag roughly the size of a large pot roast, I attempt to encapsulate my style with a handful of outfits that are not only functional but fun and chic.

Our stylist, Marisa, has some wonderful packing suggestions here that I follow to the tee. Black is usually my go-to neutral but I also love browns or grays. Thinking in layers, I always, always start with three Adea pieces: the spaghetti strap cami, the ¾ sleeve scoop neck, and the chemise. Then I pick a nice looking pair of jeans for daytime or a casual nighttime look and a nice pair of black pants. My favorite pair right now is from Italy with metallic silver piping down the legs! A few casual tops and a dressier one for the evening in bright colors, a pair of black heels and my carry-on is just about full.

On the plane my go-to outfit is always comfy pants or jeans and  a long Adea cami  under a tunic top with a blazer, flat boots (comfy ones because I'll be wearing them all weekend) and a colorful scarf. Layered up and off I go!

Type your comments below if you have any helpful, long weekend packing tips and safe travels!

p.s. This is a nifty chart that lists carry-on luggage size restrictions by airline. I would always check with your airline too in addition.X

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