Layering like a pro

October 24, 2012


We all have different internal body temperatures. Some of us are always hot, and some of us are always cold. As a result, we each have to fill our wardrobe and outfit ourselves accordingly, especially during the Fall/Winter season when temperatures are cold outside, but artificially regulated inside.
If you are someone who is always hot…
  • Select lightweight materials
  • Select materials that breathe, such as cotton and micro-fiber
  • Avoid materials that retain heat, such as silk and wool
  • When dressing in layers, ensure that when the outer layers are removed, your outfit is still cohesive
If you are someone who is always cold…
  • Select heavyweight materials
  • Select close-knit sweaters and tops
  • Revel in heat-retaining materials
  • Stock up on under-layers such as camisoles and tanks and s/s, ¾ and l/s tees
  • Layer with abandon
No matter what internal temperature you genetically inherited, we suggest that you consider Adea as an additional tool to keep you comfortable.
Why does it make sense to fill your drawers with Adea pieces? Because Adea tops are made of a “smart” fabric that transfers moisture and perspiration away from the skin to keep you comfortable all day in any temperature. In addition, it dries quickly, removing the unpleasant wet sensation on the skin and avoiding any irritating rubbing. In essence, they will keep you warm if you are always cold and cool if you are always hot.
And, of course, we have under-layers in every incarnation and color that you can imagination! Happy Layering!

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