Pack well and travel in comfort and style

December 05, 2012


With the holiday season comes holiday travel. Whether you are jetting off to a warmer climate for a change of pace, driving over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for the season’s festivities or heading to Times Square to ring in the New Year, it is important to pack well – and lightly – for your travels. Here are some tips to help get you, and your clothes, ready for departure.


  1. Lay out your outfits.
By planning out your outfits in advance – 1-2 per day depending on what you are doing on your trip – you will be less inclined to over-pack and bring superfluous items.
  1. Roll instead of fold.
It may seem counter-intuitive, but I swear that it works. Classic folds that keep items neat in a drawer don’t work as well in a suitcase due to the additional pressure placed on the garment, creating unsightly creases. Rolling your clothing prevents these creases.
  1. Stick to one color palette.
If there is a theme running through your outfits, then you will be more likely to be able to re-use pieces throughout your trip. For example, stick to either a black/grey color story or a navy blue/brown color story when it comes to your neutrals. That way, a pair of boots, a cardigan or a blazer can make repeat appearances throughout your travels.
  1. Pack items that can be hand-washed and can air-dry.

If you have these types of items in your suitcase, you can bring less with you. An item that you wore at the beginning of the trip can be washed in the hotel sink, hung to dry in the bathroom and be ready to be worn towards the end of the trip.

Pack garments that wear well.Avoid packing garments that stain, wrinkle or stretch out easily. These garments are completely off-limits on the actual travel days and they are only good for one wear during the trip.

In all of these instances, Adea’s layering top basics fit the bill…or rather, fit the suitcase.
Adea provides you with basics to complement any outfit and our basics are lightweight – never clogging up the suitcase or demanding precious real estate in your luggage. Also, thanks to the Italian microfiber, our pieces emerge from the suitcase wrinkle-free and ready-to-wear. We offer a wide array of colors and neutrals, so no matter what your color palette of choice is; Adea has your foundation layering tees. And, if you are stranded at your holiday destination for a few extra days due to a winter snow-storm or if you simply don’t want to pack a lot of clothes, Adea’s foundation layers can be washed by hand in the sink at your hotel room or relative’s house and hang-dry in 45 minutes or less. Finally, Adea’s garments bounce-back nicely and retain their original shape due to their all-direction stretch fabric.
And for the actual travel days, Adea is the best for layering. Slip on your favorite tunic sweater layered over any one of our tops or tanks and pair with ballet flats and a flattering wrap sweater.
If you follow these tips, you will not only be well packed, but you will be traveling in both comfort and style!

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