Proper care for garments - Adea or otherwise

March 10, 2013


In order to enjoy your Adea garments to the fullest and to extend their life-span, we recommend the following:

Machine wash with like colors on the gentle cycle or hand-wash in the sink.

  • Consider using a delicate detergent, though this is not a necessity.
  • Use a lingerie bag to create a protective barrier between your Adea pieces and other garments in the wash. This will reduce friction, prevent snagging from zippers or Velcro and prevent your Adea garments from becoming entangled in other clothing.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Dry clean if you prefer, but this should not be necessary.
  • Hang items to dry on a hanger or clothesline or lay them flat on a drying rack. Products dry in approximately 45-60 minutes!
  • If you prefer to machine dry, use the lowest heat setting.
  • If ironing is necessary (though it shouldn’t be), use a steamer or an iron on the lowest heat setting.             
Following these simple instructions will ensure that your Adea pieces retain their color, texture and original shape and resist pilling or stretching. In fact, following these instructions when washing any of your more delicate or treasured pieces will keep them looking fresh and new longer.
Here are some additional garments that should get the same or similar treatment:
                -bras and delicate underwear
                -high-quality leggings
                -fashion tees and tops
                -your favorite jeans, especially if they have a high stretch content or you are particularly concerned with preserving their color and shape
                -other delicate base layers
                -machine-washable dress pants
                -machine-washable dresses and skirts
Happy Laundering!

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