Did I...?

March 31, 2014


Last week I shared our morning routine. This week I thought I would share the top 5 things that go through my head after I drop the kids off at their respective "someone else watch them and I will pay you places".

1. Did I leave the oven on? Wait. Did I ever turn the oven on? I don't think so. What did L have for breakfast - did it require an oven? Did I even feed her breakfast? Yes, this is one continuous thought.

2. Was everyone wearing pants?

3. Did I lower the heat / turn on the air conditioner? This simple mistake will effect our entire evening. Stressful.

4. Did I pack (pick any one of these): lunch, underpants, homework, message folder, sneakers for gym, blankie for nap, extra pants, winter hat, boots, snow pants, bathing suit, library book, pencil, eyeglasses....

5. Did I put on shoes? Seriously. When L was about 5 months old I showed up at work in my slippers. I was too tired to go home and change into real shoes so I just stayed at my desk most of the day so no one would see my feet. There was also a day where I completely forgot to put on make-up. I'm talking total naked face. Yikes.

This is all going through my head while "Let It Go" blares from the car radio...and there are no children in the car! What goes through your head on the way to work?

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