The colored cami

March 11, 2016


Every self-respecting woman has at least one white and black camisole in her wardrobe. (If not, stop reading immediately and get this basic ASAP!) Often, especially in spring time, a fresh camisole in a pop color is just the way to spice up an outfit without having to fully commit to spring pastels or summer brights. 

I always find it difficult to transition in spring because my black and gray wardrobe becomes so comfortable. It's like an armor that I put on each day to protect from the cold, wind, snow and rain. But, once the sun starts shining and the days get longer those pieces feel heavy and well, dark. 

My solution: add a camisole in any bright color under my black button down or my gray jacket. It instantly brightens the mood and it allows me to keep one foot in winter and the other stretching towards spring.

So, whether your standard winter uniform consists of black and gray tones or brown and tan tones, a camisole provides an easy way inject a bit of color. Try one in SoftHeather, AtlanticBlue, or RedRose.

- Christina

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