Morning routine

March 24, 2014


One of the hardest things I have found in being a working mom is getting out of the house on time. Children don't seem to understand the concept of time and the importance of punctuality. Quite frankly they shouldn't, they should enjoy being children and not worry about that until they are at least eight years old. That's when things get real!

Our morning routine can sometimes go very smoothly and sometimes horribly, horribly wrong. I'm talking full change of clothes for at least two of the three members still in the house wrong. My husband is up and out by 6:30, which leaves me and the kids until we head out at 8 - if we are lucky. Here is how our schedule goes.

6:30AM - Daddy leaves for work. Everyone waves from window. If one person under the age of 8 does not get to wave a meltdown proceeds.

6:40AM - Meltdown tamed or avoided so Mommy can get in the shower while the kids watch television.*

6:52 - Mommy is out of the shower - it was only 12 minutes so let's assume I got to shave my legs this morning - doesn't always happen.

6:55 - Make breakfast for L and A. Big one for L since she is off to school. Usually one of the following oatmeal, cereal, toast with doesn't matter. Just imagine it looks like what they call a "healthy balanced breakfast" on all those cereal commercials. A banana or yogurt for A - he will eat more at pre-school but likes to eat with his big sister.

6:57 - While the kids eat I layout their clothes and make L's lunch.

7:05 - A is done. Wipe him up and taking him to brush his teeth and go potty. We have been potty training for about two weeks. That's another blog post altogether. Let's just say it ends with "boys are gross".

7:10 - Get A dressed. Usually no battle here. Beg L to finish breakfast and stop reading Entertainment Weekly on the kitchen table.

7:15 - L is done, brushes teeth, washes face, and goes to see what I have picked out. The following terms may or may not be uttered, "Ugh. I hate this shirt.", "These pants don't even fit me." or "I hate this outfit." Term never uttered - "Thanks mom, I feel like a young Sarah Jessica Parker in this outfit!"

7:25 - Outfit is finally approved and L gets dressed. I run and put on make-up. Not time to dry my hair so a low bun it is....again.

7:35 - Mommy gets dressed.

7:40 - Tell L it is time to do her hair. I'll spare you the details.

7:45 or 7:47 - My least favorite part - finding everyone "matching" socks. Who came up with this whole "socks have to match" thing? Whoever you are please know that I hate you.

7:50 - Socks found. Beg L to make sure her bag is packed.

7:53 - Ask L if she has packed her bag.

7:56 - Wondering if bag is packed

7:57 - Get socks on A while begging L to check her bag and put on coat, boots, gloves and hat.

7:59 - Get A all bundled. Find L's lunch box on counter - bag obviously not checked.

8:00 - Mommy gets coat on. Everyone out the door.

8:05 - Everyone is buckled and we leave the house.

Then I drop off L. Drop off A and make it to work by my scheduled 8:45. Sometimes miracles do happen.

What's your morning like?

*Let me stop here to say that I do not use television as a babysitter for my children and I don't see anything wrong with them watching their favorite show "Walking Dead"** first thing in the morning.

**This is a joke - just in case you need to be reminded.

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