The working mom's purse

March 17, 2014


In my purse...


As my first post for Adea I thought it would be fun to get personal right off the bat. What is more personal than looking in a woman's purse? Ok. There is a lot more personal than that but we are just getting to know one another and I'm not that kind of girl.

I should mention that this is my everyday purse - not the duffle I use on family outings. 

1. Aquaphor / Rosebud Salve - These of course come in handy for chapped lips during our cold New England winters. Plus my kids have super sensitive skin, so rubbing some of this on eczema tends to keep pain / wining at bay for a while.

2. Matchbox car and/or Thomas the Tank Engine - Guaranteed 20 minutes of silence. Also - if you see my child playing with this and you call it "Thomas the Train" you will be corrected.  He is a tank engine. Have some respect.

3. Epi-pens - Both of my kids suffer from food allergies so this is always in my bag. I keep them in a pencil case I bought at Target. It looks a lot nicer than the original box - plus it makes it easier to find.

4. Cereal bar wrapper - I'm not even sure where the cereal bar is!

5. Wallet - Which desperately needs to be replaced!

6. Change purse - Filled with gift and rewards cards.

7. Everyone's sunglasses

8. Camera - I don't have case for it so it is carried around in one of my sons socks that doesn't have a match. Classy.

9. One very lonely hair barrette

10. One very lonely hair elastic

11. Tinted lip balm for that quick "I wasn't up all night with a screaming child", pick me up.

12. Pen

Not pictured: Phone, diapers, wipes, sippy cup (s), juice box, more cereal bars, loose change, variety of crumbs (mostly from  cereal bars, Cheerios and Goldfish crackers), a lot of receipts from Target, Ziploc bag of expired coupons, anti-bacterial wipes.

How is it that I don't have biceps like Madonna from lugging all of this around? What is the oddest thing you have ever found in your purse?

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