Meet Vanessa...

March 10, 2014


Meet Vanessa...

Do you want more laughter in your life? So do we! To that end, we’re introducing a new segment on our blog: musings from busy, working mom, Vanessa. Stay tuned every Monday to read her humorous take on balancing family, work, and life.  You might not learn anything but we’re pretty sure you’ll laugh a lot.

We asked Vanessa, a Massachusetts native with a husband and two kids (ages 6.5 and 3.5), to answer a few questions so you can get more acquainted. Read the full interview below.


You are a working mother of 2. What's one thing you'd say makes your life a little easier?

A sense of humor. I work full time as a museum exhibit designer and full time as a mom - I only get paid for one of these jobs! There isn't a day that goes by where something funny doesn't happen in our house. We laugh a lot. If you can't laugh then you’re doing something wrong. Of course children need to be disciplined for doing the wrong thing but life is about choices and they just need to be guided in the right direction. That's my job as a mom - I'm their GPS.


What’s your must-have accessory?

A hair tie / elastic. I buy them in bulk. They come in handy when someone is having a tantrum (cuts down on pulling), using scissors (cuts down on haircuts) and you can use them to fix broken zipper, shoelace or to give yourself a funny hairdo when someone needs cheering up. They are also handy for building quick blanket forts!


What’s your favorite thing to do when you have a minute to relax?

Sit with my husband or read a book. I have a list of books I am dying to read but they are usually trumped by Dr. Seuss! I also like to watch tv - my DVR has the occasional Sherlock or Downton Abbey thrown in with Octonauts and Peppa Pig.


What's your ultimate guilty snack food?

Ice Cream!  I eat it year round. I can only buy it when I am grocery shopping alone - which is rare. If they find out we have it it will disappear quickly!


 If you could revive one thing from the 80s what would it be?

Leg warmers. Why did they go away? With these cold New England winters the extra layers on my legs would come in handy - especially with all of the sledding we do.


Morning or night is your best time?

My kids are early risers - like really early. That means they go to bed pretty easily. So I would say night time. Once they are asleep I can have a cocktail and watch some television with my husband. Maybe read a book or even go to bed early. I save housework for the morning. After bedtime it is me time.


What do you do for fun?

My hobbies include crafting, thrift shopping, designing, decorating and baking. We camp, hike and love the outdoors. I hope you will enjoy these adventures with me!

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