Keeping your whites, white

August 28, 2013


Keeping your Whites White

Recently, a customer inquired as to how she could keep her white Adea basics white even after extended use. So, I did a little research, happy to answer her query. Here are my favorite tips:

tips for keeping your white clothing white

  1. Clean whites begin with a clean washer.
If your washer is dirty, your whites will be too. Clean your washer once per season in order to keep this from happening.


  1. Soften your water.
If you have “hard” or mineral-heavy water in your area, invest in a water softening system or add a water softener to each load of laundry.


  1. Wash and wear. (Every time).
If your garments are not washed after each wear, body oils and perspiration can build up on the garments, causing them to yellow.


  1. Treat stains ASAP.
The sooner the better!


  1. Separate your whites.
Unless you do this, you risk color transfer resulting in dingy duds.


  1. Don’t overload.
If there isn’t enough room in your washer for the soil to wash away, it can be re-deposited on clothing.


  1. Air dry.
When possible, skip the dryer and let your whites soak up the sun. The ultraviolet rays will aid in whitening and brightening the garments.
Hopefully these tips work for you.  After all, color maintenance will be key to enjoying our long-lasting, durable garments to their fullest potential and throughout their entire life. Don’t give up on them, ‘cause they won’t give up on you!

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