A lesson in fashion from the most unlikely of sources

January 29, 2014


Kim Kardashian has been getting a lot of press lately, but not for her usual shenanigans. The buzz has nothing to do with her crazy extended family, her reality show, the court battles ending her 72-day marriage, a semi-naked Twit-pic or Kanye's most recent public rant. Instead, the press has been about her sartorial choices of late, documented at Fashion Week, Art Basel, the Couture Collections and sundry other red carpet appearances. 

Kim Kardashion marvelous in mustard colors


Simply put, Kim looks amazing. She has shed the vestments of the uber-trendy LA socialite, opting instead for an understated elegance. She is wearing simple outfits that are monochromatic or neutral-centric that make the most of her physical assets without being overly sexualized. (Let's face it, the girl has one of the most ridiculous sets of measurements known to man and if she doesn't dress for her curves, she could easily look much larger than she is, but this new mode of dressing feels far less gratuitous). 

Kim Kardashion in beautiful neutrals

On top of that, her accessories are well-chosen and edited and her hair and make-up are sleek and subtle. This new minimalist aesthetic is most definitely an adoption of the "less is more" mentality, something that I never thought I would use to describe anything even remotely related to Kim and her entertainment empire. Everything seems softer and more palatable where before it was very intense and "in-your-face."


But, is this just "a bunch of new things" with "no substance" as my sister so eloquently put it? Perhaps. Kim certainly has the disposable funds to reinvent and overhaul her wardrobe whenever she wants and she may just be dressing for her new role as Kanye's baby-momma and international fashion jet-setter. However, I would like to think that it is more than that. 


Perhaps this new life with Kanye and her new role as a mother to North have grounded her? (While I know it is hard to imagine a life with Kanye as "grounding," her reference point is the whirlwind life of reality TV star in comparison to our very hum-drum, "normal" existence, so it very well may be). Instead of oozing sex, she is now simply sexy. And, instead of being on the pulse of every single trend regardless of whether or not they will flatter her body type, she is dressing in modern clothes that showcase and streamline her figure. And, she's perfectly happy in a great pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a simple pump and a drop-dread gorgeous coat because the man on her arm, the child on her hip and the resulting smile on her face and confident ease are the only accessories she needs. 

Kim Kardashion rocks a soft pink coat

But, no matter the reason, something has changed for the better and there is a fashion lesson here, albeit from one of the most unlikely of sources. Dress for your body type and your lifestyle, no matter the trends, and never let the clothes overshadow you, the person. Build a wardrobe that highlights and enhances your best assets and allow the resulting confidence and comfort in your own skin to create a lasting fashion impression.

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