New year, new style

January 08, 2014


I, unlike many, enjoy setting New Year’s resolutions. It feels great to have a fresh start and to think that anything is possible. And, at the end of the year when you have successfully accomplished your goal and kept your resolution, there is almost no greater satisfaction. 

However, I will admit that my success with my New Year’s resolutions has as much to do with my willpower and perseverance as it does with the fact that I make sure to set achievable goals. Challenging, yes, but achievable too. 

As an example, I’d like to share with you my Style Resolutions for 2014. While they may not apply to you (though some certainly will), they are a good example of how to set achievable goals. Hopefully they can give you a little inspiration!

I will replace my favorite jeans.

It almost seems silly to include this here as there is virtually no effort involved. I will be buying the exact same pair in the exact same size. However, I seem to always find a reason to put it off since the current pair is still functioning. But, they are old enough now that they risk blowing out at any moment and considering making it through even one week without this pair of jeans sounds like torture. Must set aside funds ASAP...

I will find, save up for and buy THE black leather jacket.

I have leather jackets, but not one that I ADORE. I want one that will fit snugly enough and is soft enough to be a jacket in the late spring, summer and early fall and be a cardigan/layering piece in late fall, winter and early spring. Commence the saving...


I will add 2 skirts and 2 dresses to my wardrobe. 

It is scary how few of these things I have in my closet and it always astounds me how often I wish I had more. For whatever reason, it is much easier for me to find pants and jeans that I like, so I need to set aside some time to make an effort and get this accomplished. (This very specific, very achievable resolution took the place of the extremely vague, virtually impossible resolution of “make my wardrobe more feminine”).


I will find the “perfect” black leather bootie.

“Perfect” is probably the wrong word to be using in a New Year’s resolution, but it’s really just meant as short-hand for “with my specifications.” The right pair needs to be black matte leather with minimal hardware, a walkable heel and cut low on the ankle-bone so that they do not shorten my leg and they can be worn with pants or skirts and dresses. 


I will find the “perfect” black leather sandal. 

Specifications include flat sole (or negligible wedge), comfortable footbed, black matte leather, simple and subtle design (ideally t-strap) and cut low on the ankle-bone. (I had a pair like this that I wore until my big toe went through the sole and I think of them often...)


I will plan ahead, do my research and find myself a beautiful, classic dress to wear to my sister’s rehearsal dinner that I can wear again and again to future occasions. (Not to be counted towards resolution #3). 

If I have to buy a dress, I might as well take advantage of the opportunity to buy a really great one. I am thinking something by Diane von Furstenberg.... Perhaps one of her classic structured sheaths in her signature stretch suiting material in a bold color...


When confronted with sale merchandise, I will not get swept away by the sense of urgency and anxiety associated with it. (I have to buy this now! It won’t be here very long! Someone will scoop it up!) I will take a deep breath, calm down and will only purchase it if I know I would have been interested in it at full price. 

This is a big one and perhaps the hardest to complete. However, I am hoping that by focusing on the emotions associated with situation (vs. resolving to simply “not make stupid purchases of sale merchandise”) that I will be more successful. 


Happy New Year from Adea!

And here’s to accomplishing all of our style goals and resolutions, both big and small in 2014!!

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