Feelin' sporty

November 06, 2013


Recently, the term “American Sportswear” has taken on a whole new, very literal meaning as athletic apparel and details, traditionally intended for working out and participating in sporting events, has become commonplace on runways, in the day-to-day wardrobes of fashion-forward trend-setters and in the windows and on the racks of your favorite stores.

Are you feelin’ sporty? Then pick one or, at most, two of the items below and pair them with clothing and accessories that are decidedly un-sporty (a delicate high heel or a button-up collared shirt to give a few examples) to create an unexpected outfit that is a study in contrasts.


Whether basic or embellished, this is the topper of choice for this sporty fashion trend.

Varsity Jackets

Bundle up in this sporty piece of outerwear - the ultimate symbol for athleticism.  


Lace-up some sleek sneakers in place of ballet flats or brogues to spice up your look.


Try a slim-fit pair of sweatpants in place of your usual jeans for a more laid back statement.

Track Stripes

Feature a track stripe for just a subtle hint of this trend.


When wearing color, go bold with bright neons.

High-Tech Fabrics

Turn a non-sporty item such as a dress or blazer into a sporty piece that makes a fashion statement by selecting one in a high-tech fabric such as neoprene (like the dress above) or a high-shine microfiber.

Now hit the town in both comfort and style!

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