Why you should splurge on this turtleneck now

October 16, 2013


Turtlenecks – at least their former boxy, cotton selves – had long since fallen out of favor with the fashion world. But, they made a reappearance this past spring on the Fall/Winter 2013 runways – albeit in fresh, new body-skimming cuts and made of luxurious knits or high-performance micro-fibers – and it was hard to ignore their usefulness for layering, staying warm and complementing some of the season’s other major trends. These high neck tops even made it onto popular blogs - see Anh from 9to5chic wearing our long sleeve mock neck in the image below -  and the Huffington Post’s list of “Ten Things You Need to Buy This Fall” ! In case you are still on the fence, here is why you should splurge on this turtleneck right now…

*Image courtesy of 9to5chic.com

Functionally, there is no other layering tee that will keep you as warm and cozy during the chilly fall and winter months than a classic turtleneck. Long sleeves and a covered neck means you can brave the elements without a care in the world. And, if your skin is at all sensitive to itchy fibers, a high neck top will create a barrier between your epidermis and any potentially offending sweaters or jackets.

Fashion-wise, a turtleneck is the ideal partner for many of this season’s biggest trends as it offers a body-conscious layer to balance out the boxy, oversized statement pieces that dominated the runways. For example…


Many designers featured structured, boxy, crew-neck toppers that required a fitted turtleneck not only to frame the piece, but also to remind the viewer that there was a sleek female form underneath.  

Many a full skirt also marched the runways and there was no better partner for these dramatic shapes than a sleek turtleneck to keep the wearer’s proportions in check.

Finally, over-sized coats seemed to be the outerwear of choice for many a designer and most of them were featured with a high neck top as a base. A smart choice both because it visually grounds the outerwear and because it will provide the wearer with the warmth that only a body-conscious garment can give, something that may be missing in the roomy jacket or coat.

If you are ready to give this trend a try, Adea has two options for you – the Long-Sleeve Mock Neck Layering Top and the Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Layering Top – both available in all of our eye-catching colors and, in just a few weeks, both will be available in plus sizes in addition to our standard sizing. With all of these choices, we predict many a fashionable fall ensemble on the horizon!

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