Why one layering tee just isn't enough

October 09, 2013


It is a common misconception that style is solely dependent upon your outer layers; that clothing which the public can see on your body. However, truth be told, your base layers are just as important to the success of your look. Because, while they do not contribute to the color and texture of your outfit, they can greatly contribute to the shape, drape and dimension of your ensemble. If you feel as though your collection of foundation pieces could use some re-vamping, read on to find out why one layering tee just isn’t enough…

1. Tank Tops with Thick Straps

These handy base layers give you the freedom to remove your top layer without revealing your bra straps. Perfect for transitional weather! Take a cue from fashion blogger, Une Femme d'un Certain Age - our bra friendly cami is the perfect under-layer for her open knit sweater.

Adea bra friendly cami

*image courtesy of UneFemme.net

2. Tank Tops with Thin Straps

This skimpier tank option allows you to layer beneath fitted outer layers with minimal to no interruptions to the final look. Our reversible v-neck or scoop neck spaghetti strap Italian cami looks fantastic with a bold necklance and chambray shirt on fashion blogger, Leopard & Leops.

reversible spagheti strap long cami

*Image courtesy of Leopard & Leops

3. Tanks Tops with Lace Trim

Lace trim offered in our Lace V Neck Camisole can offer both an infinity edge when hidden and a feminine detail when exposed.

4. Crew-Neck Tank Tops

For modest dressers, sweaters and dresses with open necklines can be tamed without committing to the perhaps unnecessary warmth of a sleeve.

5. Extra Long Tank Tops

Additional length gives the wearer the option to tuck in their tank and gain extra warmth or pull the tank down over a slim-fitting bottom such as leggings for added coverage.

6. Short-Sleeve Tees

These tried-and-true favorites can be worn alone or as part of a layered ensemble, providing a barrier between your armpits and your favorite tops, jackets and dresses.

7. ¾-Sleeve Tees

The best of both worlds, the ¾-length sleeve top allows for layering under sweaters, blazers and jackets with bracelet-length sleeves without distracting from the intended look. Fashion blogger, Lady of Style, wears a classic leopard print skirt here. See her full outfit here.

3/4 sleeve scoop neck

*Image courtesy of Lady Of Style

8. Long-Sleeve Tees

Use full coverage sleeves for added warmth and keeping itchy fibers off of your skin during the fall and winter months. Our long sleeve mock neck looks perfectly sophisticated here on fashion blogger from 9to5chic.com.

long sleeve mock neck tee

*Image courtesy of 9to5chic.com

9. Crew-Neck Tees

Perhaps the most classic layering piece of them all, these will be sure to work overtime in any wardrobe.

10. Scoop Neck Tees

This softly sweeping neckline is flattering on everyone. Neither too high nor too low, they are suitable for almost any occasion or situation.

11. V-Neck

The sexiest neckline, the v-neck, allows you to assert your femininity in the most classic of ways.

With all of these great options and their subsequent outfits, chances are you have a few holes in your closet that are in need of filling. And, of course, Adea has you covered on all fronts with the added bonus of our intelligent micro-fiber and an array of beautiful colors and useful neutrals. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you make the best decisions for your wardrobe needs!

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