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September 18, 2013


When working with a client for the first time and reviewing their closet, many will sheepishly show me the repeating garments in their wardrobe and apologize for buying the same item in multiple colors, convinced (and embarrassed) that they have committed some sort of cardinal fashion sin. I immediately assure them that they have done nothing wrong and, in fact, have actually made a very smart decision.

layer like a prop              
If you find a piece that you like and that flatters your body type and functions for your lifestyle, then feel free to invest in multiple versions of the garment, footwear or accessory.  This will fill out your wardrobe, developing a solid foundation on which to build your personal style. My suggestions for using this strategy to your advantage are the following:

  1. As stated above, the item or items must flatter your body type.

If a particular type of garment is going to take up this much real estate in your closet, it better be helping you make the most of what you have.

  1. As stated above, the item must be functional for your lifestyle.

If it doesn’t have a consistent use, then it shouldn’t be demanding that much of your budget.

  1. When selecting the assortment of colors and patterns, be sure that those are also flattering.

Don’t just buy to buy. If your favorite top is offered in yellow, but you can’t wear it successfully due to your natural skin tone or hair color, don’t do it.

  1. Learn how to make these same pieces look different.

Although it’s not a cardinal sin to buy repeats of a favorite garment, it is a sin and a shame to look the exact same each and every day. Introduce accessories and current trends into your outfits to keep the look fresh.

 Looking to put this strategy to work in your own closet? Adea is a great place to start! Their useful, moisture-wicking layering pieces are offered in a rainbow of colors, giving you the opportunity to build a functional and fashionable wardrobe foundation quickly and easily. Let us know how we can help you find your new favorite basic!

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