Make(up) a Move into Fall

September 04, 2013


Make[up] a Move into Fall
Getting ready for the fall season is about more than just editing, organizing and adding to your wardrobe. For a well-rounded look for fall, be sure to evaluate your hair and makeup routines as well. Here are some ways in which I recommend my clients prep for the change in seasons:

1. Hair

Whether it’s a simple trim or a drastic change, a fresh cut will be sure to breathe new life into your look.

  1. Brows

While you most likely already have a maintenance routine for your brows, it is a good idea to reevaluate your practice at the beginning of each season. After all, these frame the focus of your face, your eyes!

  1. Makeup

Trade the lighter, punchier colors in your makeup arsenal for richer, moodier shades that will complement your darker clothing. An earth-tone metallic shadow or burgundy lip can help you shift gears and put the finishing touch on your Fall 2013 look.

  1. Skincare

The new season brings with it different weather and this change in weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Be sure to provide your skin with whatever it needs – moisture, exfoliation or balancing agents - during this transition.

  1. Nails

Much like your makeup, your nails could use a shift towards the dark side. Resist the urge to select white or neon polish at the manicurist and reach for moody neutrals and autumnal tints instead.
If this seems like an awful lot of work, don’t worry, you don’t have to tackle all of it. Instead, pick 2 or 3 that from the above list that will be the most impactful to you and get to work. I promise that these changes, coupled with a few thoughtful additions to your wardrobe, will have you feeling like a new woman and will help to ease the transition out of summer and into fall.

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