The winter weather fashion blues

February 19, 2014


It is around this time of year that I become completely disillusioned with my winter wardrobe. As a New Englander, I have been rotating the same mix of fall/winter garments since late October and I am beyond bored. And with a new snowstorm in the forecast every other day, there seems to be no end in sight.

In addition, like salt in the wound, the winter sales are coming to a close and spring clothing fills the racks and shelves of all of the major retailers; none of which is of any use to those of us trekking to work through snow banks and ice trails.

Thankfully, there are some antidotes for the winter weather fashion blues. If you are in the same rut as I am, give one of these suggestions a try:

1. Host a clothing swap

Invite a group of girlfriends over and ask everyone to bring some clothing, footwear and accessories that they no longer want. Have everyone show off the pieces that they brought along and let the swapping begin!

2. Try out consignment

Make an appointment at your local consignment shop and bring in the items that you no longer want. Not only can you unload some things that you are sick of looking at, but you can earn a little money in the process!! And, most consignment stores run slightly behind regular retailers in regards to the change of seasons, so there should still be plenty of fall/winter goodies to snatch up that will keep you well-dressed over the next few weeks.

3. Borrow from your roomate's closet

No matter who your roommate is – your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, friend or co-worker – dig around in their closet (with their permission, of course) and see what you can find. You may be pleasantly surprised!

4. Flex your layering muscles

Broke down and bought some new spring clothes?? Put them to work in advance of their proper season with some layering skills. Layer basics like those from Adea and classic button-ups under lightweight sweaters and put cardigans, blazers and jackets to use over pretty tops that would otherwise require warmer weather.

Best of luck making it through the remainder of the winter season!!

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