February 05, 2014


Until recently, bodysuits were considered outdated and passé , a relic of the eighties and early nineties. However, along with numerous other trends from the same time period, they have experienced a bit of a comeback, popping up on designer runways and trendy websites alike.

As a functional garment, they are incredibly useful; creating a seamless look when paired with skirts or pants and providing the wearer with the confidence that comes with a no-fuss outfit. You will never have to worry about coming un-tucked and you will never have to worry about excess material adding unnecessary bulk to your frame, especially around the sensitive waistline.

If you too have noticed the bodysuit’s resurgence and feel like your wardrobe would benefit from one (or more), here are a few of my favorites:


Adea’s ¾ Sleeve Crew Neck Bodysuit

The useful base layer features a simple silhouette and a bracelet-length sleeve.



Nasty Gal’s “Frida” Bodysuit

This pretty off-the-shoulder option with a sweetheart neckline has just the right mix of sexy and sweet.




Victoria’s Secret’s Essential Poplin Bodysuit

The classic menswear-inspired white button-up becomes infinitely more wearable when reinterpreted as a bodysuit.




American Apparel’s “Cross V” Bodysuit

This suit’s flattering faux-wrap neckline elongates the figure and highlights the waist.




Which one is your favorite? X

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