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The Beauty of Cashmere

January 22, 2016


Especially during this time of year when the temperatures can drop far below a comfortable state, wrapping yourself up in something made of cashmere always seems to do trick. Whether it's a cashmere sweater, pants, socks or blanket, the undeniably soft feel of cashmere is the perfect way to get cozy.

I thought it was an ideal time to speak to cashmere - the fabric, which comes from the undercoat of a goat. 

Before I entered the fashion industry, I though all cashmere was created equal. So, when I saw a cashmere sweater advertised for under $50, I simply figured it was because they were cutting down their margin - in comparison to a $200 + cashmere sweater, for example. Little did I know there was a lot more to cashmere that helps it to warrant its price and differentiate it within the marketplace.

A discussion on the fibers alone could fill this post. Simply put, when the fibers are longer, the end result is one where you will have less pills and will have a softer end product. Envision cashmere fibers like hair - when you braid shorter hair, you often run the risk of flyaways. On the other hand, longer hair that is braided can prove to be stronger and often offer less flyaways. Of course, to get those longer fibers takes more time, which will often increase cost.

The color of the final garment also makes a difference because cheaper fibers often start out slightly discolored, versus a very clean, pure color. Try to shy away from cashmere that appears dull or lifeless in color.

From the sources I've read, one cardigan needs hair from two to four goats, which is important to point out as this alone shows the range on the market. You want a garment with at least two-ply, as this will help ensure you have a sturdier garment.

Simply put, there are ways for manufacturers to cut corners while still claiming to have 100 percent cashmere products. While they may be telling the truth, just keep in mind that cashmere does vary. While quality cashmere may cost you more, it will last you for years, as long as you take proper care of it.

Camel cashmere sweater with our scoop neck & back camisole

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Stay warm as well!

- Aimee 

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