It seems we are all fascinated
by tales of prohibition and
the mystique of the speakeasy.
Here’s an interesting way to take
a closer look at this historical era.
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Remember when Adea headed to Cuba? If not, be sure to check out - The Winter Getaway: Cuba and Back from Cuba!

It seems to now be official. Cuba is the hot spot for fashion designers.

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Did you know that the First
Official Memorial Day
 took place 148 years ago?
This historical ceremony occurred
 at Arlington National Cemetery
on May 30, 1868.
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The clothing of tomorrow is
on display today at Pratt. One
gets a fascinating look into
the convergence of fashion
 and technology.


Do you ever read something four times and say to yourself, “Am I losing it?

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There's no one quite like Mom. She knows you almost better than you know you, she loves you unconditionally and she's always there for you.

Thank you to all of the hard working, kind, caring, generous Moms out there. We appreciate you today and every day.


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May has officially kicked off, and summer is getting closer and closer. Of course, until we get there, we are still in the midst of spring. Besides keeping layers handy - be sure to check out Adea's Layering Tops - we are also having to pull out our dresses and skirts, which means, it's time to get summer ready.

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Do you want to know how people
meet people today?  Take a deep
breath: we’re still meeting
“cute” in this digital age.
Look at these quotes!
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In mid-February of this year, I received an invitation via email to Giulietta’s Fashion Week After Party in the Meatpacking District. This looked like a fun event to me.

But, who is Giulietta I wondered? I discovered that it’s the name of a company founded in 2011 by Italian designer, Sofia Sizzi, who named her company after Fellini’s classic movie, Giulietta of the Spirits. 

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One person who always fascinates me is the actress and Oscar winner (the only Australian to win twice) Cate Blanchett. It seems that every time I open a magazine/newspaper or watch TV she’s there – looking absolutely splendid in some incredible outfit.

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Baselworld 2016

April 18, 2016


Until recently, I liked watches but did not fully appreciate them. As I began to learn more about watches and what makes them so special - from the craftsmanship to the hours of manual labor to the fact a well made watch can last longer than one's lifetime - they took on a whole new meaning.

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